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Lignum is a game that strategy gamers can be excited about. In it they will find the depth, and diverse challenges that are found too rarely in great games.

As a woodcutter, your task is to prevail against your competitors and collect the most money after two years. Lignum (Latin for wood) is a game for lovers of complex strategy games. After cutting and transporting your wood, don't think your job is finished. You'll still have to optimize your entire processing chain - and have fun doing it!

Strategy gamers are a very specific type of player.. Whether Agricola, Puerto Rico or Terra Mystica, strategy gamers will always seek a new challenge in every game. And in Lignum, Spieleschmiede supporters will find exactly that kind of deep strategy game. Lignum garnered it's first attention at the 2000 Spielmaterial.de designer's competition, but was not professionally produced. Now we would like to fully produce the game with new graphics and improved gameplay. But for this, Lignum needs your help.

As a serious strategy game, Lignum is not for the mass market - nor would we want it to be. Lovers of optimization and strategy will take great pleasure discovering new ideas and tricks each time they play. And the optional variants will ensure that the game stays exciting even after many plays.

How to play Lignum

Each of the eight rounds will always begin with cutting down trees. If your supply lines are set up and the timber has been approved for felling, then the players claim an area using secretly selected cards. Since each of the areas contain differing amounts of food and wood, players must learn to recognize and adapt to their opponent's strategies. Because if two players are both in the same area, they must share the resources. Players will continue to move along their supply route, using the marketplace to trade tools and food as well as recruit workers.

The players will have to decide how their wood will be transported to their timber mill (by raft, by foot, or in the winter by sled), if the wood should be dried or be processed immediately, and when the wood should be sold. The player must also think about new acquisitions (such as saws, sleds and pasture land), and fulfill orders to sell the wood. Because in the end, this business is all about money, and whoever can make the most is the winner.

Lignum, with it's complex rules and game play, is definitely a game for experienced gamers. In addition to the basic game, there are two variants which expand the normal game mechanics by adding orders and planning for future work.

Download of the rulebook: Lignum Rulebook (PDF ~2MB, english)

Download material list and setup: Lignum material list and setup (PDF ~2MB, German, translation in work)

What you'll be getting for your money

As a complex strategy game, Lignum naturally has a large amount of components. Everything contained in the beautiful box can be seen here:

In addition to the basic game, there are two expansions that add additional game variants for the most demanding and experienced players. These are included in the box, and can be added as modules.

Lignum needs a lot of support and so you'll have the opportunity to secure a place as a sponsor in the manual, or the signatures of the designer (on the instructions) and illustrator (on the components). As an exclusive add-on, we've also added the Lignum storage bag - a beautiful accessory to help store your game. In addition, there are sleeves that fit the order and planning cards.
You can even already watch some initial experiences with the game. JoystickzWePlay has already played Lignum and produced a video:

The goals for this project

In the 2000 Spielmaterial.de designer's competition, the jury played a not yet finalized version of Lignum. Despite the rough edges, even then we could see the great potential of the game. Since then, we've really fine-tuned Lignum and are confidant that strategy gamers will find it to be a real challenge and a pleasure. However, without your help we won't be able to publish Lignum. We hope to receive your support in order to make this game a reality.

Should the minimum funding amount be exceeded, we have ideas on how we can improve Lignum even more. Among them are several exclusive items for those of you that support our project:

Reached - 8.500 €: We'll include stickers for the woodcutter meeples.

Reached - 10.000 €: We'll add the "Reserve" Expansion. It consists of 4 game pieces and a special rules supplement that allows for more accurate planning.

Reached - 12.000 € Three additional "planning" cards, exclusive to the Spieleschmiede.

Reached - 14.000 € Three additional "order" cards, exclusive to the Spieleschmiede.

16.000 € Sticker for the turn order markers, exclusive to the Spieleschmiede.

18.000 € a 5,00 € Coupon Code to use at spielmaterial.de, exclusive to the Spieleschmiede.

We have other ideas that we haven't yet finished the calculations on. If we reach the above stretch goals, then we'll announce others.

A game from Mücke Spiele

Mücke Spiele (Mosquito Games) been around since the year 2000. However we're not only a publisher, but also operate the spielmaterial.de online store where we offer what may be the world's largest assortment of game development materials. Up until 2008, we only published by the the company's founder Harald Mücke. But in the last 6 years we've also published games by other designers. All games are usually created in small print runs and made with great attention to detail and work done by hand. And it shows in every single game.

The designer of the game is Alexander Huemer, with art by Christoph Clasen and rulebook by Christian Opperer. This is Alexander's first published game, and Harald Mücke has worked with him during development.

Spieleschmiede's assessment

Mücke Spiele is a specialized publishing house for small runs, producing games for the German market for nearly 14 years. As a small publisher, there are now over 25 games under the Mücke Spiele name. In addition, the fact that the Mücke Spiele team also runs Spielmaterial.de, a specialized online shop for game developers, and is involved in so many other aspects of game development means we can expect a high level of expertise. They've also been holding their game designer competition regularly for many years.

The cost calculations for the project are, in our experience and assessment, realistic. The game is clearly aimed at experienced gamers and we believe a recommended age of 12 years and older to be appropriate.

Delivery in October 2015

Our goal is to be able to deliver Lignum in October. Spiele-Offensive.de will handle the delivery of the rewards. Backers in Germany will receive everything shipped for free. For other countries see this postage cost table.

Please do not add the postage costs to your pledge amount yourself. Spieleschmiede will automatically calculate and add them based on your delivery address.

Join in!

Please support Lignum by backing this project. You can also help us greatly by telling others about the project - whether by posting in your favorite forum, linking it from your website, or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Support Lignum!

This project is run by Mücke Spiele, Akazienstr. 46, 41239 Mönchengladbach, Deutschland.

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Money collected:18,002 €of 6,000 € needed
6T €
8,5T € at least 8,500 €
Each supporter will receive one sticker set per copy of Lignum.
10T € at least 10,000 €
Four wooden reserve markers will be added to Lignum.
12T € at least 12,000 €
Three additional planning cards will be added to Lignum. Exclusive to Spieleschmiede.
14T € at least 14,000 €
Three additional contract cards will be added to Lignum. Exclusive to Spieleschmiede.
16T € at least 16,000 €
Sticker for turn order marker
Time is up.
Project creator:
Mücke Spiele
Akazienstr. 46, 41239 Mönchengladbach
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You'll receive one copy of the Lignum base game, one exclusive Lignum storage bag, and your name will be listed in the manual as a supporter. Additionally, your rulebook will be signed by the designer, and you'll receive the signature of the artist.31
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