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This campaign is for realising the production of Tudor.

Our English partner Academy games will run another Crowdfunding campaign. However, if you rather like to pledge at Spieleschmiede, you will receive the English game here, too.
Note: All images represent the current state of development. Final components are still subject to change.

Lädt den Player

Welcome, your lordship! All your plotting has finally paid off, and your family has risen to serve the house of Tudor in the court of King Henry VIII. Now the real game for power begins!

Use all your courtly graces to increase your influence and satisfy your ambition! Ensure that your family members are promoted to the highest court offices and accrue more and more privileges in order to wield the real power behind the throne!

Tudor, from designer Jan Kirschner, is a highly variable and tactical eurogame for 2 to 4 experienced gamers ages 12 and up. You play ambitious lords in the court of King Henry VIII and work to raise the members of your own families to the most influential court offices. Send your courtiers to the royal audience chambers and best use the actions there to ensure that your family gains the most royal influence. Acquire privilege rings that represent your family's power and influence!

But these rings aren't just for show: Depending on which fingers the rings are worn on, different actions will be strengthened when you visit the lord's audience chambers. Use your privileges to your advantage to disgrace your opponents, remove them from office, and increase your influence at court. The game ends after the death of Henry's last wife, and the player with the most prestige climbs the ranks of the aristocracy and wins the game.

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The player screens will be made of heavier cardboard
The game board is double-sided, with the reverse side specifically for the 2 player game.
A start player marker with the King Henry VIII coat of arms.

Request an audience

Courtiers line up in the waiting rooms, before they are allowed into the audience chambers.

Assign your lords wisely. Courtiers in an audience chamber with no lords will take no actions!

Secure your family's place at court!

Each courtier who has managed to gain an audience with a lord is able to take actions granted by that audience chamber. Take turns activating your courtiers and even the lords themselves. Lords may perform both actions of their room!

Use these actions to allow your family members to attain influential court offices, improve your political skills, and participate in court intrigue!

Earn powerful privilege rings!

If your family is successful in climbing the ranks of the royal court you'll not only earn control of court offices, but also be allowed to wear the valuable privilege rings that go with them.

These rings are more than just jewelry, possessing them grants you more powerful options: each rings shows a symbol representing the various political skills and interests that will need to be manipulated to achieve your objectives. And the position of the rings on your fingers will grant you more powerful actions!

Every game is different!

At the beginning of every game 3 cards will be chosen randomly that determine the scoring and rules for that session and make each game a whole new experience!

Regardless of which cards are chosen, you must still adapt to the every changing requirements of the court in order to gain the most prestige and win the game!

Here's a look at the current German rulebook:

The whole game is brought to life with masterfully hand-drawn illustrations by Dennis Lohausens, who is known for carefully choosing his projects and only illustrating games that he personally enjoys.

A special feature of Tudor are the hand-shaped player screens used to display your privilege rings during the course of the game. These rings represent the offices that your family members hold, and are not just decoration but play an important role. You'll have to think carefully about which rings you wear and on which fingers you wear them!

Designer Jan Kirschner introduces Tudor at Spieleleiter:

Heavy Cardboard describes their impression of Tudor at LeiriaCon in a Podblast (at minute 24:00) and further after returning home in this Podcast (at 1:44:30).

We want to release Tudor in a high-quality first edition - with the component quality that this game deserves. Our American partner Academy Games supports us in this goal and will also run a campaign to help us reach our stretch goals.

We are Corax Games, a publisher founded in 2016 and based in Merseburg. With the help of Spieleschmiede we've been able to release many great games in the last few years such as Half-Pint Heroes, Viral, Trickerion and Not Alone. Now we're ready to expand our catalog with another original game. We're excited about Tudor's variability and the eye-catching components that also serve an important gameplay purpose. And as with all our previous games, one of the best things about Tudor is the interaction with the other players.

Our goal is to deliver Tudor in October 2018. We must emphasize however, that as a small publisher we are dependent on presenting and selling Tudor at Essen SPIEL 2018. We'll do everything we can to get our Spieleschmiede supporters the games first, but we ask for your understanding if production delays should cause the games to be delivered after the SPIEL. Of course if there are any delays, we will share that information here at Spieleschmiede. Spiele-Offensive.de will handle the delivery of the rewards. Backers in Germany will receive everything shipped for free. For other countries see this postage cost table.

Please do not add the postage costs to your pledge amount yourself. Spieleschmiede will automatically calculate and add them based on your delivery address.

Support Tudor by backing this project. You can also help us greatly by telling others about the project - whether by posting in your favorite forum, linking it from your website, or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are many ways to contribute to the project's success.

If you're excited about Tudor, then use one of these avatars for your profile on your favorite social networks! Just right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As..." (the option may be slightly different depending on your browser).

Support Tudor now and help make this high-quality eurogame a reality! Be one of the first to get your copy!

This project is run by Corax Games, Schokholtzstraße 6, 06217 Merseburg

All images represent the current state of development. Final components are still subject to change.

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Corax Games
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