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Saint Petersburg

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Imagine that you could found a city, and shape it according to your will. In 1703, Tsar Peter the Great began from nothing to create the city of Saint Petersburg. With this new edition of a true classic, you can re-enact the creation of one of the most beautiful cities of Russia.

You've asked for it, and now it's time: The new edition of Saint Petersburg is finally here! Including a new game phase, new illustrations, and many more extras. This project has always had a special place in our hearts, having been requested so often by so many gamers. But despite the oft expressed interest, up to now we were never able to measure if enough support for a new edition actually existed. Now we at Hans im Glück, with the help of Spieleschmiede, would like to give a beautiful new life to Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg is now a US-friendly project! We found a partner to ship the games in North America. This way we could cut the shipping fees greatly (only 13€ to USA, 16€ to Canada). And you don't need to worry about customs or any hidden cost anymore!

What is Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg is a multiple award winning board/card game, that combines uniquely combines tactics and strategy. The original version of Saint Petersburg came out in 2004, and received the Deutschen Spiele Preis, the International Gamers Award (best multi-player strategy), the Trictrac d’or (game of the year), the Spiel der Spiele award (Spiele-Hit for experts), and was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres. The new edition will contain not only the base game, but also the existing expansion by Karl-Heinz Schmiel.

What's changed?

For this new edition of Saint Petersburg we've kept the well-known and loved basic game, but also added an additional game phase. This will allow us to fully integrate the fifth player into the game. The new market phase will introduce a new mechanic providing additional victory points and rubles. The purple action cards from the banquet expansion will also have matching cards for the market phase. And of course for lovers of the old version it will be still possible to play the game by the original rules.

Lädt den Player
In addition, we'll be revising all the art. Not only the cover and instructions, but also the game board and the over 100 cards will be getting a face-lift from our two artists: Anne Pätzke and Irene Bressel. The Spieleschmiede project will also give you the chance for an exclusive extra, and additional add-ons only available to Spieleschmiede supporters.

Who is Saint Petersburg for?

Saint Petersburg is well suited to gamers who enjoy strategic development and optimization games. Serious gamers will find a lot to love in this game. For beginners, the rules can be learned quickly and are not too complex. However, you'll find that the many different card types and effects can quickly cause situations to arise requiring good tactics and strategy. The new version of Saint Petersburg is designed for up to five players.

How do you play Saint Petersburg?

In Saint Petersburg you'll be buying different types of cards: workers, buildings, aristocrats, trading cards and the new market cards. In every phase a new type of card will be available for purchase. You'll start with workers, who are good at bringing in rubles. The new market (yellow) cards, bring in new resources. Having the majorities in these resources from round to round will earn you additional victory points. This battle for the lead enhances the game experience, and expands the tactical and strategic possibilities of the players. In the next phase buildings can be acquired, mostly granting victory points. Aristocrats provide a mix of victory points and rubles, and also lead to a large end-game point bonus that can't be ignored.

Trading cards allow already purchased cards to be improved. These phases will repeat until a one of the card decks runs out. At this point the final victory points are counted, and the winner is declared.

The rulebook for the original base game can be read here: Saint Petersburg Rulebook

Play-tester's thoughts

The new version of Saint Petersburg is, even with the addition of the fifth phase, the same game the so many gamers have come to love.

Saint Petersburg is a thoroughly enjoyable game. Certainly one of the best games of this year. Everyone should have it in his collection.
Herbert Heller - Fairplay 68 (2004)

Complex at first glance, but simple and ingenious after you play several rounds! In the long run an addictive game!
Jörg Köninger - Cliquenabend

Saint Petersburg is a fast paced development and optimization game without the potential for frustration. Families, casual gamers, or serious gamers will all get their money's worth here.
Martin Schönwälder - Ludoversum

Saint Petersburg funding goals

Together with the gaming community we want to bring Saint Petersburg back to the market and, where possible, to improve it. After we've reached our minimum funding goal we have many possible improvements for Saint Petersburg in mind - including nicer wooden pieces, and two additional expansions.

22.000 € - More elaborate wooden pieces: Saint Petersburg includes several wooden pieces that serve as a victory point reminder and start-player markers. Reaching this goal will allow us to make the figures more detailed, and made from higher quality material.

25.000 € - Assistant Expansion: This new expansion would include five assistants. At the beginning of the game each player would receive one assistant that grants a bonus in a specific phase (workers or buildings for example). After each round the assistants will be passed on, so that each player receives a new assistant.

28.000 € - Event Expansion: The Event Expansion will add a completely new element to Saint Petersburg. One-time events will now occur in the game, opening up additional possibilities. But that's all we can reveal at the moment.

38.000 € - Online Version at Brettspielwelt : Saint Petersburg will be available to play online with players from all around the world on Brettspielwelt.

48.000 € - "The Even Newer Society": the 12 cards of the original "New Society" expansion, that are not the ones for the 5th player expansion and that are not the cards that modify cards of the base game, will be added to the base game. Also there will be an option to get exactly these missing cards as an additional reward.

55.000 € - Hurdles: The hurdles are a small expansion for Saint Petersburg. Markers can be placed on the scoring track. If a player gets past this hurdle, a special event will be triggered. But that's all we can reveal at the moment.

65.000 € - At your Service: Mission cards will be added. If players complete their missions, they score extra points.

Sankt Petersburg will be released in two languages, German and English. If you want the German version of the game, please change the language of this project page to German on the top of this page. Otherwise you will receive an English copy.

Spieleschmiede exclusive rewards

You'll also receive a very special bonus, exclusive for Spieleschmiede supporters. We will include a set of five die-cut markers in every game, that can be used once per game in the aristocrat or trading card phase to fill the board with as many new cards as possible. With some luck, this improved selection will allow you to get that missing card your strategy depends on.

This new edition of Saint Petersburg will be unique for another reason as well. We're giving you the chance to have your own likeness immortalized in the game. Our two artists, Anne Pätzke and Irene Bressel, will integrate your image into the game in a historically appropriate way using Saint Petersburg's unique new art style.

Supporters have the possibility of adding their likeness to one of 14 character (worker and aristocrat) cards, 5 ruble bills, and 5 trading cards. Additionally, eight prominent members of the international gaming community will also be represented on the cards. Help choose who they'll be by participating in our survey running until March 26th.

Who is behind this new edition?

Bernd Brunnhofer is the creative mind responsible for Saint Petersburg, having published it in 2004 under the pseudonym Michael Tummelhofer. This new version has been further developed by Karl-Heinz Schmiel and the HiG play testers. Graphically, Saint Petersburg will be revised by Anne Pätzke and Irene Bressel. The team responsible for, among other games, Carcassonne Winter Edition. For Saint Petersburg they will be designing the cover, game board, and over 100 cards.
At Hans im Glück we've been publishing games since the 80's, and since then have come to stand for top quality products. For the new edition of Saint Petersburg we've tested every aspect of the game to the smallest detail. We hope that you'll love the new version as much as we do.

This project isn't about fully funding the game! A project this large unfortunately can't be realized with only the amount we're asking for here. Why are we doing this then? We at HiG want to get you involved in the project. This is a unique opportunity to work together to bring a great game back to life. We also want to demonstrate that there is enough interest in a revised edition. Show us by pledging that Saint Petersburg still has it's place in the gaming world! We look forward to making your game, and thank you in advance for your support!

Spieleschmiede's assesment

Hans im Glück is already a successful publisher of numerous games. Their portfolio includes over 150 titles, including many award winners like El Grande (Spiel des Jahres and Deutscher Spiele Preis 1996), Carcassonne (Spiel des Jahres and Deutscher Spiele Preis 2001), Dominion (Spiel des Jahres 2009), and of course also the subject of this project Saint Petersburg (Deutscher Spiele Preis 2004).

The game is designed not only for experienced gamers, but also for casual and family gamers, and we believe a recommended age of 10 years and older to be appropriate.

Early October Delivery

Out goal is to be able to deliver Saint Petersburg in early October. will handle the delivery of the rewards. Backers in Germany will receive everything shipped for free. For other countries see this postage cost table.

Please do not add the postage costs to your pledge amount yourself. Spieleschmiede will automatically calculate and add them based on your delivery address.

Join in!

Please support Saint Petersburg by backing this project. You can also help us greatly by telling others about the project - whether by posting in your favorite forum, linking it from your website, or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you're excited about Saint Petersburg then use one of these avatars for your profile on your favorite social networks! Just right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As..." (the option may be slightly different depending on your browser).

Support Saint Petersburg!

This project is run by Hans im Glück Verlag GmbH, Birnauer Str. 15 in 80809 München, Deutschland.

Pictures of the game and packaging represent the current state of development, and may still be subject to change.

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Current Status:


Money collected:74,776 €of 20,000 € needed
20T €
22T € at least 22,000 €
Sankt Petersburg wird mit mehreren Holzfiguren ausgeliefert, die als Anzeige für die Siegpunkte und als Startspieler-Steine dienen. Wenn wir dieses Finanzierungsziel erreichen, können wir die Holzfiguren detailreicher und aus einem höherwertigen Material herstellen.
25T € at least 25,000 €
Mit dieser zusätzlichen Erweiterung werden fünf Helferlein eingefügt. Jeder Spieler erhält anfangs einen Helferlein, der in einer bestimmten Runde (zum Beispiel für Handwerker oder Gebäude) einen Bonus verleiht. Nach einem Durchgang müssen die Helferlein aber leider weiterziehen, so dass jeder Spieler ein anderes Helferlein erhält.
28T € at least 28,000 €
Mit der Ereignis-Erweiterung wird noch ein weiteres Spielelement zu Sankt Petersburg hinzugefügt. Durch die Erweiterung werden einmalige Vorfälle im Spiel auftreten, die verschiedene Möglichkeiten eröffnen. Weiteres wird an dieser Stelle aber noch nicht verraten.
38T € at least 38,000 €
Saint Petersburg will be available to play online at Brettspielwelt.
48T € at least 48,000 €
The 12 cards of the New Society Expansion that did not affect the 5th player or balancing the base game will be added. A new option will be added, to get these other original cards as optional reward
55T € at least 55,000 €
An Expansion with markers to put on the victory point tracker. When they are passed for the first time they will trigger scoring actions.
65T € at least 65,000 €
Mission cards will be added. If players complete their missions, they score extra points.
Time is up.
Project creator:
Hans im Glück
Hans im Glück Verlag GmbH, Birnauer Str. 15 in 80809 München, Deutschland
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Everything in the Baron level, plus the Emergency Storehouse cards.57
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Additionally, there are the following optional rewards available:
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    Let the rubles flow
    Let the rubles flow: An extra pack of game money.
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    Your name will be included in the rulebook.
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    Rulebook Example
    Your name will be used in the examples in the rulebook.

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    Your picture on the card, and your game signed by the designer.

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  • +80
    Your picture on the card, and your game signed by the designer.

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    Your picture on the card, and your game signed by the designer.

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    Emergency Storehouse Expansion
    Add the Emergency Storehouse cards.
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    Your picture on the card, and your game signed by the designer.

    Only 45 left!
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    New Society Completition Pack
    includes the rest of the cards of the old "New Society"-Expansion, that are not included in "The Even Newer Society" stretchgoal, made with the new artwork.
  • +10
    Replacement Card Set
    One set of the cards that are already included in the english base game to use as replacement cards, if needed.
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