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Lädt den Player

Dive into the deep of the ocean and start your search for numerous beautiful inhabitants of the sea. Clownfish, turtles, sharks and many more are waiting to be discovered by you. Take notice of the currents, keep an eye on your air supply and always be prepared for unforeseen events! Do I see a shipwreck over there? This is going to be interesting…

In Scuba 2-4 players take on the role of divers who explore the underwater world. All players have in common that they want to discover as many underwater beings as possible, during their dive. They want to make this more difficult for their fellow divers, by stirring up dust while they dive. He who best manages his air supply and who can show of the best discoveries after the dive, will shine as the happiest diver in this exciting underwater contest.

Furthermore: With two base games you can play the game with up to eight players!

Dive into the rules

The goal of a dive is relaxation and to experience a certain feeling of happiness. Therefore the victory points, you collect in Scuba, are also called happiness points. The winner in the end, is the player who has gathered the most happiness points. On their turn players will move their divers, while trying to discover as many valuable (happiness increasing) animals as they can. Including some combinations, as for instance the two sharks in the game, which will bring in extra points.

Every movement stirs up dust, which will remain on the board until your next turn. Your opponents can’t discover animals on spaces with dust. Furthermore there are currents in the sea, which will influence fish as well as divers. In addition different events (event cards) will occur, which will influence the end of game scoring or will immediately affect gameplay. At the end of their turn, after diving, stirring up dust, animal discoveries and currents, the divers will lose air according to their diving depth.

Because you will slowly but surely run out of air, you have to make sure you get back to the surface and the boat in time. Because only, he who gets to the boat with sufficient air left, can tell the others about his amazing discoveries. A diver who does not get to the surface in time will die. (In the child friendly rules variant divers who run out of air, will simply surface automatically.) The end of the game is triggered when all divers have reached the surface or when all but one have died. Then a maximum of two more rounds will be played.

After that all players will get points for all their discovered animals and bonus points for combinations and event cards. In the end the player who gathered the most points is the winner. He has achieved the happiest dive.

For experienced players (or divers) there are optional decompression rules. These mainly influence the speed with which divers can return to the surface. Additionally another diving depth is added, to which the players can descent. This makes the game more complex and more strategic.

You can take a look at the preliminary English rules over here.

What’s in the box?

(* at the moment we are testing a language independent solution. If this proves to be impossible, the cards will be in 3 different languages)
(** expected to be in 3 languages)

Rewards, options and stretch goals

At the Hobby-Diver-Level you will get one copy of the Scuba base game and all reached stretch goals from this campaign.

The Rescue-Diver-Level will get you two base games, as well as player pieces in four new colours, to be able to play Scuba with up to 8 players. This 8-Player-Expansion can also be added as an option.

Please note that the meeples for 5-8 players cannot be produced as "Diver-Meeples" for production technical reasons. The stretch goal "Diver-Meeples" therefore only affects the meeples in the four standard colours.

Furthermore you will have the possibility to sponsor a inhabitant of the sea in the game, either at the Diving-Teacher-Level or as an additional option. As soon as you have chosen the appropriate level or option, look over here which still available animal (Tierübersicht) you want to sponsor. Immediately send an email with your sponsor request at info[at] .

Thanks to a successful English language campaign you will already get two stretch goals: Firstly all backers will get an exclusive promo pack with additional cards and depth tiles. Also 4 additional event cards will be added to the game (36 instead of original 32).

Furthermore Spieleschmiede will provide you with the possibility to unlock further stretch goals for the game:

Lastly we have thought of some social media goals.
For every two goals we complete out of the following list two more event cards will be added to the game! You have to either like or share our Facebook site, become a fan of Scuba on Boardgamegeek or subscribe to our newsletter:

First impressions and reviews from Rahdo & Co.

Our goals at Spieleschmiede

Scuba will be the first published game for our company and our goal is, that as many people as possible can enjoy it. The game will already be published in English and Dutch. With your help we would like to make Scuba trilingual by offering it in German. This means that at least there will be German rules and player aids. We would like to make the animal and event cards language independent with clarifications in the rulebook. If this proves to be impossible, every game will contain cards in three separate languages.

Who is behind Scuba

Spieleschmiede opinion

Keep Exploring Games, the company of Scuba author Martin Looij, is a young and enthusiastic publisher. You can tell Martin is an experienced gamer himself and that he has passion for the industry. Scuba is a wonderfully illustrated game with a high entertainment value. With the small adaptation that divers cannot die, the game becomes suitable for children aged 8 years and up. The decompression rules add a certain amount of depth to the game.

Therefore we recommend the game for 2-8 casual gamers and beginners in the world of the slightly more challenging board games. The cost analysis of the project is, according to our experience and assessment, complete and realistic.

Delivery in September 2016

Our goal is to deliver Scuba in September 2016. will handle the shipping of the rewards. No shipping costs will be charged to backers from Germany. For all other countries we will charge the following shipping costs.

Please do not add the shipping costs to your total yourself. The Spieleschmiede will add the appropriate shipping costs automatically using the delivery address.

Dive into the fantastic underwater world of Scuba. Discover clownfish, sea anemones, manta rays or sharks and experience the perfect dive into happiness!

Support Scuba by participating in the Spieleschmiede. Even when you do not support the project yourself, tell others about it, write about it in your favourite forums, include it in your website, share the project on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and tell your friends about it. There are many ways in which you can contribute to Scuba’s success.

If you are excited by Scuba, choose your favourite avatar over here! You can use it as your profile picture in social networks. Simply right click the image and "Save image as…" (slight variations may occur for different browsers).

Support Scuba now, and make the trilingual implementation a reality. Make sure you will be one of the first to receive your copy!

Responsibility for the realisation of this project lies with Keep Exploring Games, Acacialaan 2, 3181BA Rozenburg, the Netherlands

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Money collected:6,523 €of 2,000 € needed
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3T € at least 3,000 €
Dem Verbesserungszielepaket werden acht zusätzliche Strömungskarten hinzugefügt.
4,5T € at least 4,500 €
Die im Spiel befindlichen Meeple werden durch speziell angefertigte Taucher-Meeple ersetzt.
5T € at least 5,000 €
Die Event- und Strömungskarten werden genauso groß wie die Tierkarten.
6T € at least 6,000 €
Unterstützer erhalten exklusiv ein zweites Promo-Paket mit vier zusätzlichen Karten und 2 neuen Plättchen.
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Keep Exploring Games
Acacialaan 2, 3181BA Rozenburg, Niederlande
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You receive one copy of the Scuba base game including all the unlocked stretchgoals.111
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You receive two copies of the Scuba base game and you get additional player material in four new colours for 5-8 players (4 meeples, 40 discs and 20 cubes).18
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Diving-Teacher (ONLY UNTIL March 20th)
You receive one copy of the Scuba base game including all the unlocked stretchgoals and one sea creature in the game will receive your name. (Available until March 20th

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Additionally, there are the following optional rewards available:
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    You receive additional player material in four new colours for 5-8 players (4 meeples, 40 discs and 20 cubes). (Attention: For this, you need two base games!)
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    Card sleeves
    You receive sufficient sleeves for all cards included in the game (current, animal, and event cards).
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    You receive one copy of the Scuba base game including all the unlocked stretchgoals.
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