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Historia is the newest strategy game from Italian publisher Giochix. Get excited about this beginner friendly civilization game, and prove that you have what it takes to lead your people through the millennia!

Historia is the new game from Giochix, continuing in our tradition of fine strategy games. As specialists in strategy titles we've released many complex games. With Historia we now have a game for up to five serious, or ambitious casual gamers that want a beginner friendly game that still has varying tactics and depth of play. Another special feature of Historia is the solo variant that can be played using different levels of "Civbots".

A true strategy game with real depth

In Historia tactics and strategy are always at the forefront. With so many different options, will you build-up your civilizations military, or concentrate on achieving an advantage through technological development? Every strategy will of course also be influenced by the other players and their choices. You have a total of ten different actions to choose from.

Your most important resource are the Power Cubes, which you'll use to advance your military or scientific technologies, take military action, or even build wonders. There are different actions that can get you Power Cubes, but because each Action Card can only be played once per round the order they're played can be crucial. The development matrix allows you to try different strategies in every game dependent on your needs and desires.

To see how a game turn works, check out the video above. Or check out the jPlay video below for even more detail. The preliminary game rules can be found here: PDF-Rulebook (11.3 MB)

What you'll receive

Historia contains a huge amount of thematic game material. See for yourself in this overview:

Play-tester's thoughts

A first review for Historia can be watched below. More prototypes has been given away and we expect more reviews in the next weeks.

Let's do this together!

Our goal is to produce Historia in the best possible quality. Unfortunately the traditional publishing model wouldn't allow us to include everything needed to fully realize our vision for this game. That's why we need your help here on Spieleschmiede to reach our goals and make the best game possible. Depending on the funding level, here are the improvements you have to look forward to:

To fund Historia with all stretch goals, we need your help! Depending on the progress, you can expect these extras:

REACHED! 7.000 € - Historia becomes reality: As soon as we've reached this level, Historia can be produced. The game components are language-independent and the rules will be multilingual.

REACHED! 12.000 € - Explore Territories: This variant adds 13 additional tokens to the game that make each territory different from the others.

REACHED! 20.000 € - Commercial Roads: This expansion includes 3 new Wonders that can be built by the players: Via Appia, Silk Road, and the Orient Express. Each of these monumental achievements shaped their civilization for the following centuries.

REACHED! 30.000 € - Chinese Civilization: Now the Chinese will have a say as mighty civilizations compete against one other. For thousands of years they've been one of the largest world powers and the source of much advancement in research and development. At this level five Advisor cards will be added, making it possible to play as China.

REACHED! 40.000 € - The Great Leaders: This expansion adds three new Leaders to the game: Pericle (5 centuries before Christ), Mansa Musa (King of Kings of the wealthy Mali Empire, early 14th century) and Akbar(Mughal emperor of India, mid to late 16th century).

REACHED! 50.000 € - Components for a 6th player: The components to play with 6-players will be included in the box: there are 10 action cards, 3 additional leaders, cubes and other wooden components. This stretch-goal will be included in all backer and retail boxes.

REACHED! 60.000 € - Spanish Civilization: A new Civilization will be included in the box, the Spanish: there are 5 new cards which represent the Advisors of this Civilization. Improved tiles! 3 new Territory tiles will be added to the game and the expansion Civilization Goals will be improved with 6 new objectives. Spanish Civilization and additional Territory tiles will be included in all backer and retail boxes.

REACHED! 65.000 € - promo card Essen Fair: The promo card Essen Fair will be added to the game: it's a wonder card with special powers. This reward will never be available in retail..

REACHED! 70.000 € - Events expansion: The expansion Events will be added to the game: they are 12 new cards which give a bonus or malus to the player action. Events are based on real historical events of human history.

REACHED! 75.000 € - Promo card Spieleschmiede: The (nearly) final goal for Historia is the card Spieleschmiede - or Kickstarter and Giochistarter - depending on where you supported the game. This promo card is a special world wonder, that won't be included in any retail versions. Only backers of crowdfunding campaigns can enjoy this very special world wonder.

REACHED! 80.000 € - "Great Works" Expansion: The last stretch goal for Historia has not only been revealed, it's already excelled! The expansion "Great Works" contains three new wonders with the name of Gilgamesh, Divina Commedia and Little Prince. They will be included in every copy of the game.

Important: The financing of Historia is not only happening on, but also on Kickstarter and All platforms work together on funding levels. Any stretch goals achieved there, are automatically valid for all supporters here as well. We'll keep you up to date through the news section here.

Rewards available here

For supporting Historia here, you'll receive many exclusive rewards that won't be included in the retail version of the game. Each of these expansions provides more ways to play. Depending on your preferences, you can combine all the expansions - even in single player mode with the Civbots! The Civbots are a way to simulate additional players through automatic actions - allowing you to also have exciting games all by yourself!

The Golden Age: This expansion adds 14 additional tiles that allow the player to trigger a Golden Age. This allows a player to significantly accelerate their growth for a short period of time. The Golden Age expansion will never be available in stores, and is only for supporters of the crowdfunding campaigns!

Civilization Goals: This expansion adds 10 optional goals to the game. Each goal will give a special bonus to the first civilization to reach it.

The Ways of Command: This expansion gives each player a tile that allows them one time to perform a special action in place of their normal one.

Become a part of the game: As part of the Gold Pack, you can have your picture used on a character in every copy of Historia. The picture will used in a period appropriate way in historical context.

Who is behind Historia?

We are Giochix, an Italian company. Our goal is to produce intelligent and high-quality games that all board, card, and role-playing game fans can enjoy. We work with many experienced and newer Italian designers, and have also worked with our partners to bring many foreign projects into Italy.
The designer of Historia is Marco Pranzo. Working in information technology, Marco loves Euro Games whose theme shows itself strongly in the game's mechanisms. Historia is already his second game. His first work at Giochix, Upon the Salty Ocean, came out in 2011. The 39-year-old Italian has been working on Historia since 2008, and after finishing the mechanics and rules has now spent over a year on just the finishing touches. In particular, the interactions of the players required many revisions, so that the players were not able to eliminate one another from the game through wars.

Spieleschmiede's assessment

Giochix has already published many titles, and is a specialist in civilization and strategy games. Their great publishing experience is seen through their portfolio, which includes such games as CO2 and Upon a Salty Ocean (this designer's first title), as well as other crowdfunding projects (like Romolo o Remo).

The cost calculations for the project are, in our experience and assessment, realistic. The game is recommended for experienced gamers, and we believe a recommended age of 10 years and older to be appropriate.

Delivery in October 2014

Our goal is to be able to present Historia in October 2014 at the Essen Spiel. Because of the delivery logistics, all supporters will receive their copies shortly after the game fair in Essen. Backers in Germany will receive everything shipped for free. For other countries see this postage cost table.

Please do not add the postage costs to your pledge amount yourself. Spieleschmiede will automatically calculate and add them based on your delivery address.

Join in!

Please support Historia by backing this project. You can also help us greatly by telling others about the project - whether by posting in your favorite forum, linking it from your website, or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you're excited about Historia then use one of these avatars for your profile on your favorite social networks! Just right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As..." (the option may be slightly different depending on your browser).

Get yourself a copy of the game and the exclusive Spieleschmiede rewards by supporting Historia and helping us to produce this game!

This project is run by Inmedia Srl, Piazza di S. M. Consolatrice 12, 00159 Rom, Italien

Pictures of the game and packaging represent the current state of development, and may still be subject to change.

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Money collected:19,542 €of 7,000 € needed
7T €
8T € at least 8,050 €
13 extra tiles added to the Historia base game
8,1T € at least 8,100 €
3 wonder cards or tiles will be added to the Historia base game
8,2T € at least 8,150 €
The Chinese civilization (5 new cards) will be added to the Historia base game
8,2T € at least 8,200 €
3 new leaders will be added to the Historia base game
8,3T € at least 8,300 €
Enough material to play with 6 players
12T € at least 12,000 €
A new Civilization will be included in the box, the Spanish
15T € at least 15,000 €
The promo card Essen Fair will be added to the game
16T € at least 16,000 €
The expansion Events will be added to the game
17T € at least 17,000 €
The promo card Spieleschmiede will be added to the game.
17,5T € at least 17,500 €
Expansion "Great Works" will be added to the Historia base game
Time is up.
Project creator:
Giochix - Inmedia Srl
Piazza di S. M. Consolatrice 12, 00159 Rom, Italien
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Early Stone Pack
You'll receive one copy of Historia and the Golden Era expansion. This level is only available during the first 3 days of the campaign!

Reward no longer available44
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Stone Pack
You'll receive one copy of Historia and the Golden Era expansion.16
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Bronze Pack
Everything from the Stone Pack, plus the Civilization Goals expansion.11
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Everything from the Bronze Pack, plus the Ways of Command expansion and a rulebook signed by the designer. This level is only available during the first 3 days of the campaign!

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Iron Pack
Everything from the Bronze Pack, plus the Ways of Command expansion.131
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Gold Pack
Everything from the Silver Pack, plus your picture on a game card.

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Platinum Pack
Three copies of the Iron Pack.3
Additionally, there are the following optional rewards available:
  • +10
    Your name will appear as a supporter in the rulebook.
  • +10
    Signed Rulebook
    Your rulebook will be signed by the game's designer.
  • +8
    Civilization Marker
    You´ll get the Civilization Marker expansion (one for every Civilization)
  • +2
    Mayday Card Sleeves
    100 Mayday! Card Sleeves, size 56 x 87 mm. (You will need to 2 Historia)
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