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Did you miss the crowdfunding? No problem. Since it was succesful you can now order the products created this way directly in our onlineshop:

Half-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour Erweiterung
Half-Pint Heroes
Half-Pint Heroes (engl.)

Half-Pint Heroes Happy Hour

Lädt den Player

It's Happy Hour at Half-Pint Pub - mix your own drinks and be surprised by the wild effects of your own creations!

Half-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour adds rules and components for 2 additional players - increasing the max player count from 7 to 9. That alone is enough to turn Half-Pint Heroes into a real party - but that's not all Happy Hour has to offer:

Similar to a legacy game, the Happy Hour box contains stickers for you to discover. The neon-colored stickers will be attached to cards over multiple rounds of play, adding additional positive or negative effects! And the best part: these stickers have been specially made to be removable so you can enjoy Happy Hour again and again without having to buy a new game!


I have to eat my hat, because I swore there is no way I'm gonna enjoy a trick-taking game, but I did! This game is surprisingly rich and tense, even with a two-player-count and I really enjoyed this in different player counts!

What's on the menu?

Components for 8 and 9 players
• 8 Prediction Cards
• 2 Betting Chips
• 50 Neon-colored Sticker Sheets
• 5 Reference Sheets (per language)
• 1 Rulebook

Timo - Dragon Dawn Productions

After you have played with stickers, playing without is no longer an option!

What's going on in Half-Pint Pub?

Half-Pint Heroes is a trick-taking style game from Johannes & Roland Goslar and Sören Schaffstein, and with wonderful illustrations by Maura Kalusky, in which each player tries to predict the number of sets they will win at the beginning of each round. But unlike other games of this type, you can play multiple cards and use shared cards in the middle of the table to build poker style combinations like pairs, three-of-a-kind, or straights. But if you play too many cards too soon you may allow a player to use their remaining cards to trigger a brawl, so you'll need to keep an eye on your opponent's cards.

Thanks to the easy to understand Half-Pint Heroes rulebook, even casual players can jump right in and pick up the game quickly.

Vital Lacerda - Spieleautor

The game is fun, quick and you can take a lot of laughs from it. The perfect game for a great half an hour between two heavy games, specially with a good beer. Or a half pint.

How do we get this party started?

In 8 or 9 player games you'll need to take a few more chances: A prediction of 0 sets will no longer help you start a shootout.

How do I mix my own drinks?

Each round you'll attach a sticker to one of your cards before playing it. The different stickers have exciting effects that can either mess up other player's plans, or turn a useless hand into a winning one.

To play the most powerful stickers, you'll have to take some risks. For example: you won't be allowed to play the angel, which upgrades the value of your hand, unless you have made a prediction of 2 or more sets!

Fabrice - Geek Attitude Games

Something new to play in a bar, in a very good atmosphere and with a lot of interactivity. This game is a perfect way to having a beer with friends and have a fun time playing. So, yes, you could play at home, but do not forget to fulfill the fridge. It has this pokerish feeling, but without the headache.

Our goals on Spieleschmiede

With the help of the Spieleschmiede, we want to make Half-Pint Heroes the world's first trick-taking legacy atyle game! But even if the idea excites you as much as it does us, we don't want you to have to buy a new copy every time you want to have another happy hour party. That's why we want to invest in special stickers that can be removed easily. We've already done lots of testing to determine how many times the stickers can be peeled off without leaving any damage. Additionally, the stickers are neon-colored, so they can be easily spotted on the cards.

As you can imagine, it was difficult (and rather expensive) to find a sticker that would not come off when shuffling the cards but also come off easily at the end of the game. But we did it. Now, to make this innovative expansion possible, we need your support!

Uwe Eickert - Academy Games

I have many fond memories of Half-Pint Heroes and highly recommend it. May you also have many fun evenings with your friends playing this great card game. Now if I could only get the picture of Frank in his Mucho Man outfit out of my head!

Half-Pint Heroes is one of the most successful projects ever on Spieleschmiede. You not only made this game possible, but also made the project one of the most entertaining in our history, as Half-Pint Heroes has by far the most comments of all Spieleschmiede projects!

And we intend to give Half-Pint Heroes even more support moving forward. For example, this year's Hunter and Cron's Berlin board game Con (July 21-22 2018) will host the first official Half-Pint Heroes tournament!

The tournament has started

The finalists

The winner

After 2 thrilling rounds of Half-Pint Heroes, we got a winner. Before the final, the 3 finalists agreed on splitting the huge pile of games into 3 smaller packages to let the winner choose first.

Reviews & Videos

Half-Pint Heroes Gameplay Runthrough - Rahdo

Half-Pint Heroes Review - mit Zee Garcia von Dice Tower

jPlay walks through Half-Pint Heroes

Who is Corax Games

Corax Games is a 2016 founded publisher based in Merseburg. In the past few years, and with the help of Spieleschmiede, we've been able to get our start releasing great games such as Champions of Midgard (on Spieleschmiede now), Trickerion, Tudor, Half-Pint Heroes, Viral, Chronicles of Crime, and Not Alone.

We are super excited for this project, and can't wait for you all to be able to play Happy Hour. Can we beat the original project and generate even more comments? We were and are overwhelmed by your generous participation and hope we can have another great experience here for Happy Hour.

Delivery in December 2018

Our realistic goal is to deliver Half-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour in December 2018. As a young publisher, we depend on selling our games at conventions. We also want to present and sell Happy Hour in Essen for SPIEL`18, and we ask for your understanding if the Spieleschmiede supporters don't receive their games until after the fair. Of course, if there are any delays, we will let you know immediately on Spieleschmiede. will handle the delivery of the rewards. Backers in Germany will receive everything shipped for free. For other countries see this postage cost table.

Please do not add the postage costs to your pledge amount yourself. Spieleschmiede will automatically calculate and add them based on your delivery address.

The bar is open, so step on up!

Support Half-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour by backing this project. You can also help us greatly by telling others about the project - whether by posting in your favorite forum, linking it from your website, or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are many ways to contribute to the project's success.

If you're excited about Half-Pint Heroes: Happy Hour then use one of these avatars for your profile on your favorite social networks! Just right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As..." (the option may be slightly different depending on your browser).

Support Happy Hour now and reserve your copy of the innovative expansion that takes Half-Pint Heroes to 9 players and adds legacy style stickers!

This project is run by Corax Games, Schokholtzstraße 6, 06217 Merseburg

All objects depicted show the current stage of development. There might still be changes to material, components or colors until the game is delivered.

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