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Did you miss the crowdfunding? No problem. Since it was succesful you can now order the products created this way directly in our onlineshop:

Half-Pint Heroes
Half-Pint Heroes (engl.)

Half-Pint Heroes

Lädt den Player

Prototype -
Subject to change

"Phew, that was a close one! We would have had a full out brawl here in Half-Pint pub if I hadn't stepped in just in time. Now the two troublemakers are sitting together at a table laughing and betting over a game of Half-Pint Heroes. Memo to self: I need to get a few more copies of Half Pint Heroes!"

Half-Pint Heroes takes place in a cozy pub, where tempers are about to explode. So get ready, pull up a chair, and let's get this fun trick-taking style game started, where 2-7 casual or experienced gamers ages 9 and up can bash some heads - figuratively of course. ;)

A Half-Pint Hero is someone who has half a beer and thinks they can take on the world. But we don't want to do things half-way with this project. With your help we pull out all the stops and deliver not only a great game, but also offer a whole lot of extras

All stretchgoals unlocked!

Our first improvement goal is an alternative art red "6" card, with an American Indian theme instead of the cowboy. If you take a close look at the other six cards you'll see why!

Our second improvement goal is to provide exclusive "drinking game" rules as a PDF for our supporters, which will be printed in the game thanksto the third goal and enhanced with extra cards thanks to the fourth. (For abstaining, low carb, or vegetarian heroes we recommend playing with soda, juice or water.) Additionally cards will be in higher quality and the box will have an inlay.


Rahdo Final Thoughts:


I have to eat my hat, because I swore there is no way I'm gonna enjoy a trick-taking game, but I did! This game is surprisingly rich and tense, even with a two-player-count and I really enjoyed this in different player counts.

Vital Lacerda - Game author

The game is fun, quick and you can take a lot of laughs from it. The perfect game for a great half an hour between two heavy games, specially with a good beer. Or a half pint.


Even with only having played the prototype, I can say that Half-Pint Heroes will have its place in the Top 10 of tricktaking games. It even has the potential to fight for the first place! In my opinion, this one is an upcoming trick-taking hit!

Fabrice - Geek Attitude Games

Something new to play in a bar, in a very good atmosphere and with a lot of interactivity. This game is a perfect way to having a beer with friends and have a fun time playing. So, yes, you could play at home, but do not forget to fulfill the fridge. It has this pokerish feeling, but without the headache.

Nils - Cyril's Brettspiele

Sometimes the need to win a set really brings out the fighter in me - I just have to take out that other player and prevent that brawl at any cost ... a fascinating feeling!

Uwe - Academy Games

I have many fond memories of Half-Pint Heroes and highly recommend it. May you also have many fun evenings with your friends playing this great card game. Now if I could only get the picture of Frank in his Mucho Man outfit out of my head!

Meople's magazine

Corax Games's Half-Pint Heroes takes the idea further [...] you not only try to get your predicted number of tricks, you bet against one other player and mess with them not to get theirs. I'm tempted to call Half-Pint Heroes a sort of Chaos Wizard, but that would be shortchanging this quirky, innovative game.

Reviews from Rahdo, jPlay and Cliquenabend (German)

Rahdo runs through:

jPlay runs through:

Brettspielblog Let's Play (German):

German: Vorstellung (Prototyp) - Essen 2016: Half-Pint Heroes (Corax Games) von Cliquenabend auf Vimeo:

Half-Pint Heroes on Tabletopia

Don't hesitate... let's try! Have a look at Tabletopia (best to open with Mozilla Firefox), to check out the great graphics! One thing will be different, when printed, the betting cards will be smaller, so you don't mix them up with the playing cards.

In case you like to register for an explanation game, click here.

Click to enlarge

What is in the box?

Social Media Stretchgoal

We also have a social media goal tied to fans for our Facebook page. When we reach 500 fans every supporter will get a Half-Pint Heroes coaster to use as a start player marker in the game.


All pictures shown are work in progress

7 Half-Pint Heroes beer coasters, one for each player

A beer mug shaped playmat

A bottle cap shaped bottle opener with the Half-Pint Heroes logo. Looks like a nice starting player marker, don't you think?

70 rectangular stickers (A7), you can put on your bottles while you play

Exclusive for backers!!! 7 bottle caps with the player colors/symbols (from Corax Dark to Lovecraft Lager). They can serve as betting chips as well.

An extra scorepad (26 pages)

Additionally you can get card sleeves for Half-Pint Heroes, your name as a sponsor in the english version and get your game(s) with a signature from the authors on your box.

What goes on in Half-Pint Pub?

Half-Pint Heroes is a trick-taking style game, where each player will try to predict the number of sets (tricks) that they'll win each round. But unlike other trick-taking games, you'll use both your hand and shared cards in the middle of the table to play multiple card sets like pairs, three of a kind, or straights. Keep an eye on your opponent's hands and make sure everyone doesn't play all their cards too early, or you may let one player use their remaining cards to start a brawl.

Thanks to the quick to learn rules for Half-Pint Heroes, it is easy for new players to get into the game quickly.

Quick summary: At the beginning of each round one card is revealed which shows how many cards the players will have in their hands and how many cards are placed face up in the middle of the table. After dealing, each player predicts how many sets they will win this round.

The predictions are revealed and each player throws their betting chip on the prediction of the player they think it least likely to be correct. If this player wins the predicted number of sets, nothing happens, but if they fail then anyone who bet against them gets points. And of course it's particularly fun to mess with the players whom you've bet against in a round to make sure you get those points ...

You'll keep playing sets until everyone is out of cards. If only one player has cards left, then they can still easily make sets with their remaining hand cards. It's especially dangerous if they have at least three cards left, because if any player is able to win three sets in a row then they start a brawl and no other player will score any points that round!

Additionally, there are points for each won set, for correct predictions, and for successful bets against other players. There are also bonus points at the end of the game for consecutive correct predictions. Whoever has collected the most points after 10 rounds wins the game - and then you can play again!

Will it all end in a gun fight?

One final important rule ... if a player manages to fulfill their prediction five rounds in a row, then the stakes are raised and a gun fight begins. Now it becomes all against one! If the player succeeds in fulfilling their prediction for the sixth time in a row, they win the game immediately! An epic moment for everyone involved.

Our goals at Spieleschmiede

Half-Pint Heroes is currently in the final stages of development. We think the time is right to work together with Spieleschmiede supporters to produce this as our first own, non-licensed game. Our goal is to produce and bring Half-Pint Heroes to market in excellent quality.

Who is Corax Games

We are Corax Games, founded in 2016, localised in Merseburg. Some of you will already know of our connection to Spieleschmiede (also based in Merseburg). With their help over the past year we've been able to get our start and bring you some great games licensed for the German market, like Trickerion or Not Alone. With Half-Pint Heroes we now have our first original game and hope for your continued support. The game is a fun way to start off your game night, finish off the evening, or even play as the main event with 2-7 casual or experienced gamers ages 9 and up.

The original design of Half-Pint Heroes is from Johannes and Roland Goslar (known to Spieleschmiede supporters for the game Nord) as well as Søren Schaffstein. For the artist, we are excited to have gotten "Maura" Kalusky, who has many years of experience in the gaming industry.

The authors of Half-Pint Heroes are...

Roland: Never could find enough players, so now 7 time father. Board game magazine archivist and the game mechanics brain.

Johnny: Comic-Reporter. In game design, the heroic “Card-text eliminator”.

Søren Schaffstein: A passionate prototype builder and LaTeX fetishist. Always caught in limbo between playing board games and playing with his daughter.

Delivery in August 2017

Our goal is to deliver Half-Pint Heroes in August 2017. will send the rewards. Backers in Germany will receive everything shipped for free. For other countries see this postage cost table.

Please do not add the postage costs to your pledge amount yourself. Spieleschmiede will automatically calculate and add them based on your delivery address.

Can you win the gun fight?

Support Half-Pint Heroes by backing this project. You can also help us greatly by telling others about the project - whether by posting in your favorite forum, linking it from your website, or sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are many ways you can contribute to the project's success.

If you're excited about Half-Pint Heroes then use one of these avatars for your profile on your favorite social networks! Just right-click on the image and choose "Save Image As..." (the option may be slightly different depending on your browser).

Support Half-Pint Heroes now and help us produce this fun trick taking game! Reserve your copy along with the exclusive upgrades!

This project is run by Corax Games, Schokholtzstraße 6, 06217 Merseburg

All pictures on this page show the current development stage and may be subject to change.

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Money collected:21,547 €of 4,444 € needed
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An alternate "red 6" will be added to the game.
6,7T € at least 6,666 €
All backers will receive possible drinking rules as a PDF.
7,8T € at least 7,777 €
All backers will receive printed drinking rules.
10,0T € at least 9,999 €
Alle Besitzer erhalten zusätzliche Karten für eine weitere Variante der Trinkspielregel.
11,1T € at least 11,111 €
Card quality upgrade.
16,2T € at least 16,161 €
Half-Pint Heroes gets a box inlay.
Time is up.
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Corax Games
Schokholtzstraße 6, 06217 Merseburg
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